Reflections for Julian Assange on International Human Rights Day, December 10th

Dear friends

At the suggestion of the Australian activists who organized a rally in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Sydney on October 15th , we propose a new action in our campaign to pressure for Julian Assange’s release: on December 10th , International Human Rights Day, we could gather in many places around the world to send thoughts of affection, wellbeing and closeness to Julian Assange. As always, we rely on your creativity. It can be a time of meditation, but also of music, poems, thoughts, videos and whatever seems appropriate to you to feel close to a man imprisoned in a tiny cell and to send him a wave of well-being and protection.

In case you have already organized a human rights event for that day, we ask you to include this part for Julian Assange. Otherwise, if you like the proposal, you could focus on this theme.

Write to us at the usual email to announce your events with location, title, time and email of a responsible person and we will put them in a new map on the site, as we did for the marathon on October 15th . If you then send us photos and a brief description of the event, after December 10th we will publish everything on the Pressenza website.

Send this message to whoever you think is interested.