Where, What, When and With Whom

9 – Opening theme song

9.05 – Marathon presentation

9.20 – “Wish You Were Here” by Roger Waters, dedicated to the prisoner Shaker Aamer held for 14 years in Abu Grahib prison (REC)

9.30am Documentary on Assange by Nova Lectio: “If they condemn this man they condemn the whole West”

10 Connection with Fidel Narvaez former consul of Ecuador in London, whose Embassy offered Julian Assange political asylum from 2012 until his arrest in 2019

10.15 Live from Piazza della Libertà in Faenza, sit-in promoted by Circolo Prometeo, Arci Faenza and Linda Maggiori, independent ecopacifist writer

10.26 The artist Davide Dormino with his famous installation “Anything to Say” (Rome video, December 2016)

10.40 Connection with Reggio Emilia for the info presidium “Let’s save Julian Assange’s life”.

10.41 Davide Dormino’s installation “Anything to Say” (video at Lake Lünersee, Austria, Sept. 2020)

10.43 Singer David Rovics performs “Behind these prison walls” in front of Belmarsh prison in London, where Julian Assange has been detained since November 2019.

10.48 Presentation of the campaign ‘Artists for Assange. Free Truth’ (London 2019)

10.52 Video Alessandro Hellamm performance

10.56 At the piano Maria Silvana Pavan – Opera Richard Strauss

11 Live from Turin, Piazza Carignano, the weekly presidium for peace held for several months now by the AgiTE group.

11.12 Musical track – TG news anonymous rap – Julian is also a rapper – playback (The Guardian)

11.15 Live from Byron Bay, Australia: director Kym Staton now working on a film about Julian.

11.25 Music track – by Diether Dehm – Get Julian Assange Out – Year 2019

11.30 video of Students at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan, holding a march entitled “Free Julian Assange”

11.41 FREE ASSANGE, a rap song by Francesco Maggiurana and his friends

11.44 Interview with Vittorio Agnoletto, doctor/activist live from the Congress of Medicina Democratica in Turin.

11.49 Live from Cremona

11.55 Music from the balconies of Italy on the occasion of Julian’s birthday 3 July 2022, Turin

11.58 Connection with Florence, Piazza San Firenze, performance and leafleting

12.08 Live from Vilnius

12.16 Live from Milan, flash mob in Piazza della Libertà by World Without Wars and Without Violence

12.25 By Ferdinando Botero, Colombian painter from Medellin, the series of works created in 2009 on the Abu Grahib prison.

12.30 Song “Range Against the Machine – Freedom – video clip from friends of Ecuador year 2012

12.37 Video interview with Snowden, Chomsky, Varoufakis, Greenwald and Horvat (before Assange’s arrest)

13.01 Outside Namur, Belgium: militants put colored ‘Free Assange’ ribbons in letterboxes

13.12 Peppe Santangelo music track

13.18 Berenice Galli’s interview with John Shipton, father of Julian Assange – Pandora tv 11/2019

13.35 Moscow street art festival – Jorit’s work for Julian Assange – Moscow June 2022

13.40 Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq – Reports of war crimes. Footage of collateral damage reported by Assange

13.44 Reading of two poems by Pierpaolo Pasolini – Marilyn and Non potranno mentire in eterno. Read by Maria Giovanna Mirani Buco.

13.48 Live Alessandro Bergonzoni

13.52 Video and live from the sit-in that, for months, has been held every Saturday in front of Belmarsh Prison, where Julian Assange has been detained since 2019

13.08 Live from Madrid, an event organized by the “Assange Wave Citizens’ Movement”.

14.16 Interview with Stella Moris conducted in Milan by Veronica Tarozzi, Maurizio Torti and Renato Napoli

14.27 Sandro Torella – Actor, Director – Performance – October 2022

14.35 Talk by Jodie Harrison from Australia

14.41 Musical track of Wikileaks CD dedicated to Bradley Manning year June 2012

14.45 Venice – Floating library from a small island in the lagoon: solidarity with Assange from a highly original cultural initiative: a library on a tugboat

15.01 Live from Bologna, Pza del Nettuno, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., a grassroots initiative that the organisers have entitled “24h Assange Bologna”. P

15.12 Music track by Kaleb Nation ft. Ilana Zackon & Julian Assange – WIKILEAK IT – Dec 2010

15.16 Live from Trieste, Piazza della Borsa, readings, speeches and then a march.

15.25 Outside Asso (Como) – Students and parents – Men and women of peace; they sing Imagine by J. Lennon

15.31 Australia – Karyn Hemming

15.45 Reading extracts from the Assange trial and music

16.00 Live from the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” with investigative reporter Stefania Maurizi, author of the book “Il potere segreto” and other editors

16.30 Live from the city of Como, a ballet/flashmob by Lorena Corrias and friends in the central Piazza Verdi

16.41 Nils Metzer statement from the UN on the torture of Assange (Video in English)

16.46 Dance and music performance by the collective Our Voice – Video for Assange

16.55 Berlin. Live link with Raja, activist who denounced Assange’s imprisonment by drawing a cell on the pavement and sitting there in prison garb, inspiring similar actions in other cities

17 Live from the town of Acquedolci, in the province of Messina, an event organized by “Anbamed, apps per la Multiculturalità”

17.07 Live from Manchester, at one of the most popular pubs, an artistic event of music and poetry: “Save Julian Assange: Join the Wikileaks Revolution”.

17.13 Novara. An event organised by Amnesty International.

17.19 Live from Potenza, speeches, readings and performances by the NoTriv Movement and other local associations

17.26 Video statement by German MP, Zaklin Nastic (November 2021)

17.27 Recently in Italy, an awareness tour on the arbitrary detention of Native American Leonard Peltier, for 47 years in prison for a crime he did not commit: video with a declaration of Native Carol Goeke on the Julian Assange case and the wishes of the delegation that traveled with her

17.30 Live from Trapani, debate promoted by Sinistra Libertaria and Amnesty International

17.37 Live from Bari, Piazzetta dell’Economia, music, appeals and open mic

17.44 Live from the Daniele Bertotto Auditorium in Avigliana, Val di Susa an “open space for testimonies of solidarity for Julian Assange”.

17.51 Video appeal by over 1300 journalists for Julian’s release February 2020

17.53 Video-intervention by Giuseppe Giulietti President of the Italian National Press Federation

17.57 Video of German activists

18.01 Outside Bagno a Ripoli reading of a statement by ANPI, the Italian Association of Partisans

18.11 Belgian Committee for the Freedom of Julian Assange

18.23 John Rees – coordinator of Don’t Extradite Assange and the Human Chain – No to extradition

18.30 Live from Luino, open microphones for freedom of information

18.40 Live from the municipality of Pinerolo, which voted citizenship to J Assange, conference entitled “Journalists in the crosshairs, from the Assange case to the Italian scene”

18.49 RAP NEWS | A Game of Polls musical track – feat. Julian Assange singing – Satire parodying Australian government

18.56 Cagliari event, perhaps live, if not recorded

19 Rome, Live from the editorial office of the monthly Left, contributions from Simona Maggiorelli, editor of Left, Vauro (cartoonist), Patrick Boylan (Free Assange Italia) and others

19.31 Live from Vienna, just before the screening of the film “Ithaka” which traces the ordeal of Assange’s father and family, meeting with John Shipton and Richard Medhurst

19.39 Pardem Newspaper

20 Live from the US interview with Chomsky conducted by Michelle Aslanides and Patrick Boylan

20.33 Outside Moscow: Oleg Yazinsky, Ukrainian journalist together with some Russian journalists.

20.56 Connection with Barcelona for the presentation of the film “Hacking Justice” by Clara Lopez Rubio and Juan Pancorbo

21.05 From the Cinema Teatro Nuovo in Varese, a performance and a documentary to raise awareness about the detention of Julian Assange

20.14 Video by Manuel Zimmermann from Bad Wildungen

21.21 Live from Milazzo, which this afternoon hosted the conference “Assange, an example for free and reliable information”, a concert by the group Waterfire Fly

21.32 Our Voice and other international artists gathered in Brussels to support Julian Assange (April 2022 – Stella Moris spoke. Introduced live by Michelle Aslanides

21.49 Music by – Julian Assange and Tom Morello (member Range Against the Machine) Dec. 2013

21.55 Piece of music by Colin Tyler Music dedicated to Julian Assange

22.00 Video ‘The CIA wanted to kill my husband’ with Stella Assange. May 2022

22.12 Music track dedicated to Julian by rock musician Antonio Corea.

22.16/22.26 Live from Melbourne, an encounter with Julian Assange’s friend Niraj Lal

22.32 Davide Dormino Artista – Anythingh to Say (versione di Berlino)

23.00 Intervista al deputato cileno umanista Tomas Hirsch, di Pia Figueroa, condirettrice di Pressenza.

23.16 Intervista a Paula Hunt, Assange e il mito

23.45 Un saluto a Giulietto Chiesa, e anche lui saluta Noi Ciao Giulietto

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