How to partecipate

A calendar of the 24-hour event, also showing related local events taking place all over the planet, will appear here. There will also be a map with all participating locations where, with one click, you can get in touch with the local organising group.

The event will start at a specific point at a certain time on 15 October and will last for 24 hours during which a live feed will connect all the initiatives on the planet.

Local events will be organised that will connect with the Marathon at a specific time and for a specific duration. We’re counting on events that are as diverse and creative as possibile – for example, a neighborhood gathering, a performance, a rally, a party with friends, a video clip, a radio interview… These and other kinds of events are all welcome, whether “big” or “small”. We are inviting giornalists, activists, performers, artists, writers, etc. etc. to participate, each one according to their possibilities, capacities and tastes.

What counts is making a large number of voices heard, voices from all around the world demanding the same thing: free Julian Assange!

If you are interested in organising a local event, large or small, or even a 24-hour listening group, write to us at

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